Saturday, 5 March 2016

Creative Resuscitation.

Artists (in the most expansive use of the term) like to appear like they have their creative shit together.

(Lee, 2015)

We’ll wake up and put on a pair of dungarees, have feathers in our hair, talk about our recent poem, painting, song. However, what we so often don’t mention are those times when our art falls apart. When no matter what we make, it never seems to come out right; meanwhile our inner critic bludgeons and berates us –how could you let this happen? 

We feel anxious and ashamed, among other things, when our art doesn't work and yet we often hide these feelings and put a smile on them. Perhaps we are afraid to appear damaged or malfunctioning; nevertheless, the ground of the situation is that we as artists do not talk enough about it means and feels like to have a creative breakdown.